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Opere esclusivamente in ceramica, uniche e non riproducibili, inimitabili.


Onofrio Acone Ceramic Maker

Nato a Salerno il 26 maggio 1977 Onofrio Acone, imprenditore dal 1997 nel campo del design e dell’arredamento.


Ha la fortuna di muovere i suoi primi passi nel laboratorio ceramico fondato dai suoi genitori nel 1982.

Essendo cresciuto in quel laboratorio dove si respirava tutta la creatività di un piccolo laboratorio artigianale di quegli anni, è nata in lui fin da subito la passione per questa materia incredibile, dalle mille potenzialità, e ha sviluppato fin da piccolo la sua creatività.



Istinto e creatività, pochi attrezzi e macchinari, elementi di fortuna o elementi della natura per plasmare l'argilla.

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Blue Circle Vase: Adding Elegance to Your Home Decor

Are you looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space? If so, then you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the captivating world of the Blue Circle Vase. This exquisite piece of art not only adds a touch of elegance to any room but also serves as a focal point that draws attention and creates a lasting impression. Get ready to discover everything you need to know about the Blue Circle Vase and how it can transform your home decor.

Introduction to the Blue Circle Vase

The Blue Circle Vase is a stunning decorative item that has gained immense popularity among interior design enthusiasts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this vase features a unique circular shape and is adorned with captivating blue hues. Its timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship make it a perfect addition to various interior styles, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

With its alluring curves and vibrant colors, the Blue Circle Vase effortlessly captures attention and becomes a conversation starter in any room. Whether displayed on a mantelpiece, coffee table, or as a centerpiece on a dining table, this vase exudes sophistication and adds a touch of artistry to your living space.

The Beauty of Blue Circle Vase

The Blue Circle Vase is a testament to the beauty that can be achieved through the fusion of art and functionality. Its captivating design showcases the skill and creativity of talented artisans who pour their hearts into crafting these masterpieces.

1. Exquisite Craftsmanship

Crafted from premium quality materials, the Blue Circle Vase reflects the dedication and expertise of skilled artisans. Each vase is carefully shaped and molded to achieve its flawless circular form. The intricate details and precise finishing make it a true work of art.

2. Captivating Blue Hues

One of the defining features of the Blue Circle Vase is its mesmerizing blue hues. The vibrant shades of blue, ranging from deep cobalt to serene turquoise, create a visually striking contrast against any backdrop. Whether placed in a minimalist setting or amidst vibrant decor, the blue hues of the vase effortlessly command attention.

3. Versatility in Placement

The Blue Circle Vase offers unparalleled versatility in terms of placement. Its compact size allows it to fit seamlessly into any room, whether it's a cozy living room, a stylish bedroom, or an elegant dining area. Additionally, its circular shape ensures that it looks stunning from all angles, making it a versatile choice for various display options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the Blue Circle Vase, along with their concise answers:

Q: Can the Blue Circle Vase be used to hold flowers?

Yes, absolutely! The Blue Circle Vase is designed to accommodate a variety of floral arrangements. Whether you prefer fresh flowers or artificial ones, this vase provides the perfect setting to display their beauty.

Q: Is the Blue Circle Vase fragile?

While the Blue Circle Vase appears delicate, it is crafted from sturdy materials to ensure durability. However, like any decorative item, it should be handled with care to prevent accidental damage.

Q: What interior styles complement the Blue Circle Vase?

The Blue Circle Vase blends seamlessly with various interior styles, including modern, contemporary, bohemian, and even traditional decor. Its versatile design and captivating blue hues make it a versatile choice for any setting.

Q: How do I clean the Blue Circle Vase?

Cleaning the Blue Circle Vase is a breeze. Simply wipe it gently with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they may damage the surface of the vase.

Q: Can the Blue Circle Vase be used outdoors?

While the Blue Circle Vase is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be placed outdoors in covered areas, such as a patio or a balcony. However, it's essential to protect it from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions to preserve its vibrant colors.

Q: Where can I purchase a Blue Circle Vase?

Blue Circle Vases are available in various home decor stores and online marketplaces. You can also explore the websites of renowned artists and artisans who specialize in creating unique vases.


In conclusion, the Blue Circle Vase is an exquisite piece of art that can effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any room. Its captivating design, meticulous craftsmanship, and vibrant blue hues make it a timeless addition to your home decor. Whether you're a fan of contemporary aesthetics or prefer a more traditional style, the Blue Circle Vase will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on both residents and guests.

So, why wait? Embrace the allure of the Blue Circle Vase and infuse your living space with elegance and sophistication. Let its captivating beauty and artistic charm take center stage, as you create an environment that truly reflects your unique sense of style.

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